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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Omgili – subjective search. And subjectively not terribly good.

With so many feed to try and read and so many interesting items flying through Particls, anything whcih can winnow down the ‘dangling conversation’ to manageable levels has got to be a good idea and Omgili seems like a strong contender on the face of it. It styles itself as a “subjective information search engine”; that is, it crawls bulletin boards, blog comments and similar sources to “find out what people are saying” about topics.  It’s a nice idea but a search on “three year old discipline” (a topic near to my heart) didn’t seem to do any better than Google.  in fact, only the first half dozen links seemed to be relevant.

The assumption is a nice one – that by limiting your search to the “wisdom of crowds”, you’ll end up with at least a sense of what people are saying about a given subject. How useful is it? Very, possibly, if you’re a marketeer or work in PR. Otherwise, the lack of any criteria of authority (even one as crude as Technorati’s inbound links) seems to limit its value.

The name isn’t great,  standing for Oh My God I Love It and meaning that a search on Omgili for” Omgili” turns up a flood of forum results of people yelling OMGILI about pretty much anything other than Omgili search after the first few results. Omgili is a nice idea, I’d like to love it but it simply doesn’t perform very well.