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The Long Answer: But there’s a catch or two. Those donations represent less than six percent of the $55.5 million Priorities USA has raised this election cycle. The superPAC has spent $5.6 million supporting Clinton, according to the nonpartisan Campaign Finance Institute, but not a penny on ads attacking Sanders.

I don disagree with anything you just said. Honestly our LB situation has always been so bad that I couldn think of anyone other than FabJo (and he almost certainly done with the NT). On Morris you 100% right. Itis difficult to assess which of McCloughan’s near death encounters at Tam Ky was the most harrowing. There were so many. During thevicious 48 hour battle, McCloughan who was known as Doc risked his life at least nine times to save wounded or stranded comrades, and he helped prevent the much larger North Vietnamese force from overrunning them..

Every time you go to an airport and get on a plane, you are basically taking advantage of the work that was done at Langley. Between World War I and World War II, they did just tremendous amount of fundamental research into basically making airplanes safer, making them more stable . Making them faster and turning them into the technology that is as ubiquitous as it is today..

We have all the information. What you do with it is on you. God is merciful and wants us to return to Him, but to presume forgiveness is dangerous. “They believe the government ought to be in control of health care,” Price said in June at the American Enterprise Institute event where Ryan unveiled the Republican proposal to replace Obamacare. “We believe that patients and doctors should be in control of health care,” Price continued. “People have coverage, but they don’t have care.”.

One of my tables was in my vestibule which was open to my formal living room. I decided to match the Christmas dcor of my living room. I always decorate my living room in golds and shades of burgundies, claret red, and very elegant. Methods A retrospective review of an imaging database from January 2011 to January 2016 was performed for patients who had acute large MCA territory ischemia based on CT perfusion and CT angiography and subsequent upper or lower extremity duplex ultrasound and/or chest CT for evaluation of DVT or PE. Patents who underwent successful ERT were identified based on operative reports from electronic medical record. Ultrasound or CT reports were retrieved from PACS to identify patients who developed subsequent DVT or PE.

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